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The Bubwith Centre is a registered charity no: 700010


The Bubwith Centre


Financial Support




'Raising the Roof'


The Centre was built some 25 years ago and the roof insulation standards were very low in those days hence the Centre does not retain heat. The roof also is letting in water and staining of walls is evident, particulary in the main hall.


The Parish Council and Centre Committee are working together to apply for grants to replace the roof and once this has been achieved plan to redecorate the Centre to make good any staining.


Raise the Roof fundraising events will be held during the year to support the work that needs to be done.  Check out our events page for more information.


General Fundraising


This is very important for a small community centre such as ours and your support is greatly appreciated. We couldn't keep it open without your support. Thank you to all who support our centre.


The Bubwith Centre is a registered charity, you could help to raise funds, at no cost to you, by downloading the 'Easy Fundraising App'


We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their support:


The Bubwith Centre is very grateful for the continued support from the Bubwith Parish Council.  The generous grant of £2,200 is to assist with the annual running and maintenance costs.


WREN for their generous support of £14,000, which will fund the completion of the Heating Renewal project for the Centre.


Big Lottery Fund for their generous grant of £5790 to pay for the new heaters for the hall.


The Tribune Trust for their generous support of £750.00 to upgrade the security systems.  The Deputy Lieutenant of the East Riding, Mr Hugh Bethel and Mr Geoff Ogden, Director of the Trust.  They came along to hand over the cheque and were both amazed at the fantastic resource we have in our village.


East Riding Probation Service who are assisting with the spring clean of the centre. Many thanks for their support in repainting various public areas.  Your input is much appreciated.


Yorkshire Bank Foundation for their generous grant of £500 to support to our community facility.